Name: RJ’s
Type: Take-away. Late night. Hangover food
Location: Westfield Woden Car Park
Meal: Midnight Snack
Food: Hot Chips

RJ’s Food Van is a frequent stop for my friends and I on the way home from a night out in Civic. There is nothing better than hanging out with taxi drivers in a desolate car park, while freezing your butt off in the middle of a Canberran winter. I have great memories of that car park. And some very messy ones too.

I’m sure RJ’s stock room is just full of your typical frozen food, and it’s not fantastic quality – you’d probably get better at Coles. BUT that is not the point of RJ’s. RJ’s has become an institution amongst my friends and I. A night out is not complete with a stop at RJ’s.

Coming home from a music festival on Sunday night, three cars worth of us stopped at RJ’s. Most had been drinking, so something salty and greasy was a must.

I got a bucket of hot chips, for $3.50. The chips are closer to fries and are quite salty – boy did they hit the spot.

My friends raved about the gravy, but I am not a gravy person, so I gave it a miss. Plain is fine by me. Other people got Egg & Bacon Rolls, Schnitzel Burgers and some even got milkshakes.

We huddled around the window of the van for warmth while we devoured our food and after we had finish we ran back to our cars, our tummies warm with the goodness of fat. Bliss.

Be warned – RJ’s is open from 8pm to 5am most nights, so be willing to venture out in to the dark. Although, as far as snack runs go, it’s cheaper than MacDonald’s – and you can get out of your car after midnight.


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