Name: Zambrero
Type: Take-away. Mexican.
Location: Erindale
Meal: Lunch (and Dinner)
Food: Chicken Burrito

Off sick from work. Some kind of evil cold, which I suspect is the result of wearing a t-shirt to Groovin The Moo on Sunday. Whoops.

Having heard so much about the Zambrero in Civic, the frequent haunt of Canberra’s many drunk 20 somethings, I was ecstatic to hear the franchise had opened a small take-away shop only 5 minutes drive from where I live.

Being that I was/am sick and on too many drugs to drive myself for this lunchtime feast, I ordered my “University Bum” sister to go on my behalf. Thankfully Zambrero’s have an online menu for me to pick and choose from beforehand. Check out

Today’s order looked something like this: Burrito/Chicken/Tomato Salsa/Guacamole/Chipotle sauce. All burritos come with a bed of lime rice and pinto beans. I would have taken a photo – but I just jumped straight in to it – it looked too delish!!!

It’s universal knowledge that almost anything tastes amazing when you’re drunk. Could Zambrero live up to its drunk standard? In short, hell yes!

The tortilla was soft, yet never fell apart. Helpful, as I am a messy eater at the best of times.

The tomato and lettuce were crisp and the guacamole was fresh. The chicken had been marinated in Abodo for a spicy (but not too hot) taste. The chipotle sauce gave it a little zest too.

I don’t like beans, but the rice like mush that coated the sides of the burrito may have changed my mind. The rice was a little undercooked, but made for a very filling filling.

The size of the burrito was much bigger than I expected. I only managed half at lunch, and polished off the rest for dinner. I had the second half cold, out of the fridge. Highly recommend this! Yummo.

For the price of $AUD8-9 this is very good value for money, considering I got two meals out of it.

I think Zambrero is a welcome addition to the abundant amount of take-away at Erindale and I will definitely be going back. I already have my eye on their Dos Capas (hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell)…


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