Name: Brodburger –
Type: Burgers. Take-away
Location: Barton (Bowen Park)
Meal: Lunch
Food: BrodChicken Burger, Hot chips

Ah Brodburger. It’s become a Canberran food icon in just over a year! Those famous, mythical, burgers that everyone raaaaves about.

I had always meant to go. Kept saying I will, I will…and then never did. I’d heard stories about the size of the line, which is a great indicator about the food, but a major turn off for someone as impatient as me.

Never the less, after some encouragement from friends and the threat of Brodburger’s closure (you suck, Government), I decided it was finally time.

Myself, a friend, her husband and their two kids headed down to the car park by Lake Burley Griffin which houses Canberra’s most famous van. We arrived about 11:45, and there was already a line – even though the place doesn’t open til 12. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long before the window was up and orders where being taken.

I ordered a BrodChicken burger: grilled chicken breast in a marinade, topped with bacon, avocado, homemade chilli aioli, lettuce, tomatoes and Spanish onions. I also ordered a side of chips and a can of sprite. Grand total of $15. The burgers themselves are $9 each, with the Bodburger Deluxe being $14. Now, usually I would think this is expensive for a burger…but the size and amount of filling in each burger makes them quite a fair price.

We took the burgers home to another friends home, having ordered them each a vegitarian burger too. Sitting around a giant table, the 7 of us tucked in to our burgers…

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “Oh my god…” uttered so much. Everyone at the table agreed that these were the best burgers in Canberra. The vegetarian’s even concluded that they were the best burgers they had EVER eaten. High praise indeed.

My friend’s husband tried the Brodburger Deluxe and somehow managed to fit it all in. I nearly vomited watching him shove all that meat in to his mouth. He enjoyed it though, and said that it was the only time in his life that a burger nearly beat him.

In the drive on the way home, my aioli had gathered at the bottom of the bag and had made the bread soggy and delicious. However, that also made eating the burger somewhat messy! Thankfully they give you serviettes at the van.

The burger was so big that bits of my chicken breasts would fall out and I had to eat them separately afterwards. I’m not sure what the marinade was, but it was goooood.

I really have nothing bad to say about this burger. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

The chips, however…soggy, greasy, salty and kind of tasted like plastic. Would be perfect if you were drunk.

Let’s face it though; we really didn’t need the chips because the burgers were so amazing and filling.

Get in and give this one a go, incase you never get the chance. 😦

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One thought on “Brodburger

  1. Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog. My name is Jem I live in belconnen and I run two blogs, one is a food blog. I've read every post and have to say your blog is fantastic! Keep up the great work. So good to see someone writing about restaurants in Canberra.
    Feel free to come by and check out my blog.If you like it you can 'follow' me. 🙂
    Love Jem

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