The London

Name: The London: Burgers & Beer
Type: Restaurant. Burgers. Bar.
Location: Civic – 121 London Circuit
Meal: Dinner
Food et: Scotch fillet steak burger with bocconcini, tomato and basil salsa, garlic aioli, lettuce and onion

Like BrodBurger, The London has fast become one of Canberra’s favourite mythical burger joints. Why we didn’t have gourmet bruger-centric places before these two sprung up, I’ll never know…seems like there is a market for it. As evident by the crowd gathered on a “quiet” Tuesday night, this place is filling a niche for inner city dining.

After driving around for half and hour to find a park (damn you, Civic!) my friends, M, E and I sat down at our reserved table to devour the extensive menu that The London offers. You really must book a table, by the way – I saw many people turned away.

The menu is really quite large, literally something for everyone. I was craving steak, so I went for the Scotch fillet steak burger with bocconcini, tomato and basil salsa, garlic aioli, lettuce and onion – without the onion. E and M both decided to give The London Lot a go – a beef patty with bacon, cheese, caramelised onion, egg, smokey bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.

We ordered from a scary looking, but extremely nice guy from behind the bar, he gave us our drinks on the spot and then we sat down to wait…

Thankfully, the burgers came out of the kitchen nice and fast, and when they put them down the London Lots in front of E and M, I started to giggle. Have fun with that guys:

The London Lot

The London Lot seems to have become a legend in burger eating circles, similar to the BrodBurger, and is the primary menu item in The London’s burger challenge – two London Lots, two serves of chips and a litre of beer. At the time we went, there was only one successful contestant with his (slightly sickly looking) photo up on the wall of honour.

It truely is an ultimate burger.

Inside The London Lot.

My burger was just lovely. Fresh bread, well cooked steak, crunchy lettuce. The bocconcini, tomato, basil salsa and garlic aoili all melded together to make a drippy mess – but what a beautiful mess it was. I rolled my chips around in the drippings. So. Good. The chips are thickly cut beer battered, and just divine. A perfect accompaniment to the burger. Nom. Nom.

The Steak Burger I devoured.

Verdit: All of us had trouble finishing our meals, in fact E and M didn’t even get close, and the value for money is fantastic. Lots of yummy, satisfying, food for a reasonable price = yes, please!! Not much to say in the way of service, but it’s not needed in this kind of dining situation. You order at the bar and get your food brought to you. They were happy to accomidate my fear of onions and were pleasant the whole time. Definitely worth a return visit.

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