Asian Noodle House

Name: Asian Noodle House
Type: Restaurant and Take-away. Asian. Noodles.
Location: Tuggeranong (and there is one in Dickson too)
Meal: Lunch
Food et: Half-sized Combination Egg Noodle Soup
Cost: $11.00

Asian Noodle House is mine, and pretty much everyone I knows, favourite “go-to” restaurant and take-away. To say I am biased…is entirely fair. The food is delicious, fresh and quickly prepared. You can always get a good, decent sized, meal for a good price.

As a Mother’s Day treat, I took Mum out to Noodle House for lunch and then to see a movie at Limelight (Cinema Plug: my sister works there). Sadly, Dad had cooked a gigantic breakfast for Mum and all us kids, so neither Mum or I were particularly hungry by the time we arrived at Noodle House.

Usually I will get the Chicken Pad Thai or a Laksa, because both are totally amazing, but today my stomach just couldn’t take it. Mum ended up just getting a serve of 4 spring rolls (which are delicious, by the way). I decided to go for something a little lighter, the 1/2 sized Combination Egg Noodle Soup.

The soup was nice, but not overly flavoursome. Which, strangely enough, was perfect. I didn’t want anything that would assault my senses and make me sick. Egg noodles, duck, bbq pork, chicken and bok choy in a chicken broth with some fried onions and shallots. It was nice hearty meal, which I devoured in no time at all – even though I was full before I started. I think I really like chilli in Asian food, so that is probably what I found was missing.

The great thing about Noodle House is that you really can get anything you feel like. They have rice dishes, curries and many, many noodle dishes from around Asia. There is a section for Chinese foods, Loa dishes and Thai ones. There are also a few other random Asian specialities thrown in. A few people I know really, really love their Singapore noodles – although I am not a huge fan of those in general, so I can’t comment.

The menu offer numerous vegetarian dishes and option – most of the noodle dishes come with a tofu/vegetable option as well as a seafood, beef, chicken, pork and duck option. The kids are covered too, with a children’s menu offering smaller sizes and blander food for the youngsters – something you don’t see often at Asian places.

My friend J constantly rave about how they have the best Pad Siew and the best Laksa he has ever tasted. The Cha Kway Teow is also a winner.

The service is okay, nothing spectacular, but I’ve never had a mix up with orders or the bill and I’ve never had to wait very long for my food – even when they are busy. I guess you can’t really ask for more (perhaps a smile…?).

The restaurant is small and modestly designed, it’s quite popular but you can generally find a seat. Unless Roller Derby is on around the corner…

Verdict: I love this place. I used to eat here at least one a week, sometimes more…until I moved around the corner from it. Strange, I know. I do make sure I have it at least once a month, though. I seriously cannot fault this place, food wise. I’ve tried so many dishes from this menu and they’ve all been amazing. Highly recommend.


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