Zierholz at the Brewery

Name: Zierholz at the Brewery
Type: Restaurant. Bar. German. Beer.
Location: Fyshwick
Meal: Lunch
Food et: Slow Cooked Pork Belly
Cost: $24.00

After driving around Fyshwick in search of some much needed post-shopping sustenance, my brother, his boyfriend and I found Zierholz Brewery.

Zierholz at the Brewery is a “German Beer Hall” style restaurant, off one side to the (in case you hadn’t guessed from the name) Zierholz brewery. The restaurant serves up Germanic food in a pub like atmosphere, specialising in a varied beer menu

The space is set out in a few long tables, surrounded by the centre bar, and is minimal in decoration and design. It’s nothing special, but I suspect that it part of the plan. I can only imagine the shenanigans that go on here when people stop in to taste test their extensive beer selection. Perhaps it’s better that there is less to break…

Upon entering the brewery I was struck by the…emptiness. A cold Sunday lunch time at a place that caters for comfort food and beer – surely there should be a bigger crowd?

We took an end of one of the long tables and ordered our food at the bar. As designated driver, I decided to pass on a beer, but my brother and C each tried a few of the different selections on offer.

As we waited for our food, a few people trickled in and ordered food – where I had envisioned drunken uni students out for a Sunday session, it seemed to be mainly families catching up for a Sunday lunch. Odd.

I ordered the ultimate Sunday lunch comfort food, Slow Cooked Pork Belly with cabbage and mashed potatoes. German germanyness.

The pork belly was melt in your mouth fall apart yum, with a crispy crackling that satisfied this pork snob. The cabbage and mash were both authentic and delicious, but really filling. Once again I reached my limit before I had finished the plate, but continued to eat – I ended up feeling bloated and about 10 kilos heavier. I think a salad or coleslaw might have been better with this dish, but as far as comfort food goes – it was pretty spot on.

My brother ordered the Steak sandwich and C got the Kransky, both served on a crusty bread roll and all the trimmings (sauerkraut and mustard for the Kransky to boot). I had a taste and it was spicey, fatty, goodness.

The service at Zierholz was fine; you don’t get much attention after you’ve ordered at the bar, but its set up more like a pub than a restaurant and it doesn’t really matter.

Verdict: I love German food. It’s no secret. I’ve been looking for a good German place for a while, one that you don’t have to sign in to a “club” to get to – and I’m happy to say that Zierholz will be filling that niche for me. Good food, good beer and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a good place to catch up for a meal and a drink, without the pressure of being trendy or hip.
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