New Year’s Resolutions

At 12:01am on the 1st of January this year I did what most optimistic fools do, I made a set of New Year’s resolutions.

It’s been two and a half weeks since that happened, so let’s take stock of how I am currently tracking for 2014.

  1. Go gluten free – The ham and salad full wheat sandwich I had for lunch was delicious.
  2. Popcorn only on last weekend of the month – Had popcorn last night, on a Tuesday (the 17th), second time this week.
  3. Be more organised with food preparation – Haven’t eaten at home for two weeks.
  4. Go to the gym at least three times a week – Joined the gym 9 days ago, haven’t been (in my defence I have been sick)
  5. Stop drinking soft drinks – Had coke last night and the night before, but that was the first time this year
  6. Stop spending money like an idiot – Just spent $150 on
  7. Use You Need a Budget (YNAB) every day – Paid $64.99 for it and used it twice
  8. Save for mortgage – This one is on track. Go me.
  9. Read more books – Read three pages of The Book Thief to try and remind myself before I saw the movie.
  10. Only check Facebook once a day (at night) – Was at home sick for five days, was on Facebook 70% of my awake time.
  11. Only go to the movies once or twice a week (Saturdays/Sundays) – This has actually happened. Although this weekend is proving to be a bit of a hard task, as there are about 4 new movies I want to see!
  12. Only go out to dinner once a week (Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights) – So far so good, except for the week where a friend visited from Adelaide.
  13. Start a new blog – hello there!


Whelp. Room for improvement, I think.


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