Little Brooklyn

My big little brother (he’s younger, but a foot taller than me) was overseas most of January, and we’d both been pretty busy since he got back, so we locked in a date and time to catch up over dinner in Kingston. I mentioned that I had wanted to try Little Brooklyn – and so it was that we ended up there last night.

Little Brooklyn is a fairly new addition to the Kingston dining scene, opened in December 2013. It is a pub/bar/restaurant/café housed in a large indoor and outdoor space in the midst of Green Square. The décor is modern, trendy and basic; the inside is divided in to a few sections of booths and tables, with a large bar on the side; and the outside area has a few small tables and a few benches. It’s a laid back space; I couldn’t help but think it would be great for a Sunday session.

The pub/bar/restaurant/café (seriously I don’t know what to call it) was pretty packed on this Tuesday evening, despite there being hardly anyone anywhere else in Kingston. A and I took a seat just inside the door and tried to locate some menus (which we ended up stealing off someone else’s table).


It was quite loud in there, so I had to yell my order at A, and he went off to the bar to order for us. As you order at the bar, you have to contend with everyone else there, but we found Little Brooklyn to be really quick with their service – A was back at the table in no time with drinks and a table number.  

We didn’t have to wait very long for our meals to be delivered either, along with a cutlery bucket. We did have to ask for salt and pepper, and what we eventually were empty grinders got (after the poor girl spent 5 minutes running around trying to find them). Hmmmm.

I ordered the ‘Pulled Lamb Pocket’ – pulled lamb, crispy greens and pomegranate yoghurt, served in a wood fired tortilla pocket ($20).


Wait. There was pomegranate yoghurt? It says pomegranate yoghurt on the menu! I don’t remember that at all. I remember a small amount of yoghurt, but it had no flavour. What a shame. Pomegranate yoghurt sounds like it should have been amazing.

The pita bread was delicious and fresh – but sadly everything on the inside was a letdown. On top of the lack of pomegranate in the yoghurt, the lamb was fatty and tasteless and the iceberg lettuce gave no additional flavour.


The chips were soggy and tasteless (which is why we went searching for the non-existent salt) – they definitely need some kind of seasoning and an extra few minutes in the fryer. They chips were served with some kind of sauce (we think it may have been paprika aioli) that tasted okay, but more than anything it made the chips a little bit edible.

A ordered the Brooklyn Dog – Rodriguez brother’s chorizo, charred capsicum, onion with ketchup and mustard ($18).


A said that he quite liked his hotdog, but thought it was “nothing special”, and certainly not worth the money. From my side of things, the bread looked well toasted and the inside looked about half full…however, if I’m paying $18 for a hot dog, I want it so full of toppings it spills everywhere. And I’d like a bigger hot dog too.

While not totally inedible, the food at Little Brooklyn left us in a resounding state of ‘meh’. Despite the great location, I think the cost of the food should produce a better quality of dining experience.

The space is fun and vibrant (but loud) and the service was excellent, but I will only be going back to drink. And I’ll only be sitting outside.

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