A few weeks back we went to Shorty’s in the city for a quick, laid back, Saturday lunch. I met my brother and his boyfriend in between some shopping – we grabbed a table on Shorty’s cute little deck and settled in.

Shorty’s is a pub type space, located across from Gus’ and Café Essen. The space is laid back and friendly, with a big bar in the corner and lots of different types of tables – some for drinking and some for eating, and some for eating and drinking. The small deck only has a few tables on it and I was lucky enough to secure one before the boys arrived. The deck looks on to the cafes lining the walk way between Bunda Street and Garema Place and is great for people watching.

There’s a decent amount of people in the pub on this warm Saturday afternoon, but not too many people to feel crowded – and you can actually hear your companions when they speak, a plus for any drinking hole.


After the weekend only breakfast ends, the menu at Shorty’s is the same from 12pm til close and consists of finger foods, salads, burgers, main dishes and desserts. It’s quite an extensive and original menu for a place that looks and feels like a pub – you’d expect the usual crap (bangers n mash, anyone?).

The boys decided to get burgers and I land on a few small plates – there’s so much I want to try. First up for me is the Crisp Pork Belly Sliders with apple, coriander and chilli slaw.


Om nom nom. These were delicious, I ate all three because I didn’t want to share them. The pork was cooked well, and the slaw worked really well together. I found the bread was a little too high, so eating was a little awkward – but tasty all the way to the end.

I didn’t get a photo of A’s Southern fried chicken burger, but he enjoyed it. C ordered the Slow cooked lamb burger with rocket, tomato, roasted capsicum, beetroot and tzatziki.


C really liked his burger, but mentioned that the lamb was a little fatty. I liked the chips I stole off his plate – crispy, with a delicious spice coating.

I also ordered a serving of the honey and five spice duck wings with fresh lime, something I’d wanted to try since I first saw it on their menu.


Wowsa these were awesome! There’s not a lot of meat on the bones, but the marinade is delicious and is perfected with a good squeeze of lime. These are quite messy, as you eat them with your fingers and honey dribbles down your hand/arm, but it’s worth it. I wasn’t drinking beer, but I can see these being a good accompaniment to a nice cold beer. I had intended to eat these myself, but it’s quite a large serve (probably about eight wings), so the boys helped me out.

For dessert, we couldn’t go past the Deep Fried Golden Gaytime. Yes. You read that right.


I love Gaytimes – that’s what he/she said – so the prospect of one deep fried was both terrifying (be still my arteries) and amazing. Deep frying ice cream is a tricky endeavour and I am happy to report that this one keeps it shape quite well, obviously there is melting but it’s at an acceptable pace. Just eat fast! The coating is sweet, light and crunchy and the caramel and bits of honeycomb are a nice touch to make it more “desserty”.

The staff at Shorty’s were friendly, but as it’s an ‘order at the bar, get a table number’ type establishment, there’s not a lot of follow up needed.

I like Shorty’s – I think it has a good vibe and is a great place to chill out and get a decent feed. I wouldn’t call it fine dining or date material, but I’d rate it as somewhere to catch up with friends.

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