PodFood – Breakfast Degustation

Last Saturday morning my friend, who wishes to be referred to as Miss M, and I went to PodFood in Pialligo to try out their new breakfast degustation.

PodFood is located within a standalone building to the side of the Pialligo Plant Farm. It was raining when we arrived for our 9:30am sitting, so we had to make a mad dash to the restaurant through the trees and shrubbery of the surrounding Pialligo landscape. When we arrived there was a gentleman waiting for us with an open door, inviting us in to the warmth of PodFood’s indoor space.


The interior of PodFood is bright and warm, the tables are spread out a decent amount to create an intimate setting and each table has freshly picked roses in a cute green vase. There is also an outdoor area for the warmer months, but we didn’t particularly fancy it on this morning – it was 5 degrees and raining!

We were seating towards the back of the restaurant, which was kind of a bummer, but we were still able to see the view of the nursery out the windows. The warmth of the restaurant and the wild weather outside created the ultimate comfy atmosphere and the soft jazz music playing over the speakers.


My only qualm was with the chairs – comfortable and sturdy, but my feet couldn’t touch the ground. Admittedly I have tiny legs… but it gave me pins and needles!

We each ordered a hot chocolate to warm our bones, and these came out quickly and hot. They used actual chocolate too, so it was a decadent and rich treat to start the meal.

We told our waitress that we would like to do the degustation on the menu, and she had to go and check with the chef that they were doing it – considering it was on the menu in front of us, we were a little confused. Is it because it is still fairly new, maybe she didn’t know that it was happening? Thankfully she came back and said that we could do the degustation, which would be “chef’s choice”. We requested to not have the salmon dish because I hate fish, and the kitchen staff were very obliging.

The first course came out in no time – Brioche French toast, Jamon, rhubarb, white peach, rosemary ice-cream.


This dish was a lot less sweet than I had expected, and it’s all the better for it. There’s a lot of interesting textures, and it just worked beautifully together. The rhubarb was cooked perfectly and, along with the peach, added a little sweetness to the dish. The poppy seed dukkah type crumble that is sprinkled on top was really a great flavour combination and gave the dish a little bit extra to push it over the line as my favourite dish of the morning.

Next up was the 65°c soft eggs, with mixed mushroom, speck (ham? Something meaty?), smoked duck, fennel and rye.


Placed on top of the rye bread, the egg was cooked perfectly – not too runny or undercooked. The mushrooms were cooked spot on and the smoked duck pieces were absolutely delicious! I’m not fond of fennel, so that ended up on the side of the plate. I really liked this dish, but the serving size was quite large and I found it quite heavy for a degustation dish. Miss M, however, had no issues and was happy with the portion size.

After the egg, our next savoury dish arrived –  Puy lentils, beetroot, kipflers, caramelised onion, hazelnut and pepita, Persian fetta.


This dish blew my mind. I’d never really eaten anything like this for breakfast, and although it was another heavy meal, it worked so well against the rainy cold backdrop. It was the ultimate comfort food, presented with skill and care. The onion was sticky and sweet, the potato was cooked just right, the creaminess of the goats curd went well with the beetroot components and the lentils were just awesome. This was Miss M’s dish of the morning.

Our last course was Ricotta pancakes, with toffee’d bananas and sheep’s milk sorbet.


Yet another awesome dish! The pancakes were fluffy and the cinnamon in the batter made them so moreish. The sheep’s milk sorbet offers a nice tartness to break up the sweeter elements of the dish, and the poppy seed nut mixture is back with delicious vengeance. The baby lemon balm used to garnish the dish ended up being my favourite part of it, it was such a fresh vibrant flavour and I would love to have had more of it! The banana doesn’t add much to the dish, to be honest – but I like banana so I had to no issues eating it.

By this stage I was so full I could barely move. The serving sizes are more than expected, we thought just over half serves – so essentially we ate over 2 full dishes. I’m not usually one for large breakfasts, so it was bit of a shock to the system. But for $40 per person it is definitely worth the money.

The staff at PodFood are friendly and efficient, but also accommodating which is a big plus for me – especially since I am a fussy eater.

I highly recommend the breakfast degustation at PodFood, it’s awesome food that’s tasty and well prepared, served in a beautiful setting – can’t ask for anything more!

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3 thoughts on “PodFood – Breakfast Degustation

  1. Just been and they have a new chef.

    There were a bunch of us so we pretty well got to try everything and taste off each other’s plates.

    This is one serious restaurant. The food is amazing but the setting is not pretentious. Staff are friendly and helpful even with the extensive wine menu, which we needed help with. If we weren’t relaxed at the start of the long meal, we sure were when we finished.

    Hard to say what we enjoyed the most, couldn’t fault anything, but definitely the deserts were my favourite.

    Have to try their breakfast degustation, looks like utter decadence, makes you glad you are alive and living in Canberra!!!!

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