Recipe: Mushroom soup

Disclaimer: I’m a fan of “however you like it recipes” – so please excuse my lack of precision in regards to this recipe. I am a cook not a baker; I never really measure.

June is Mushroom Month! The Australian Mushroom Growers Association has declared it so.

To celebrate Mushroom Month, Canberra Mushrooms* recently provided some of the capital’s most notable food bloggers with a stash of mushrooms, encouraging them to showcase the power of mushies and help promote local produce.  I am not a notable food blogger, at least not in that sense (ie: notable), so I was not among the recipients. I am, however, very lucky to be acquainted with quite a few of our famous foodies and it was through the magic of Twitter that I was able to acquire some delicious Canberra mushrooms from one such foodie, The Food Marshall.

I’d been seeing mushrooms all over my Twitter and Instagram feeds, and then blogs I follow (including Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things, Love at Every Bite and Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers) started posting mushroom recipes. As a result of all this mushroom centric visual stimulation, I had a craving for mushies – but as I was still on a liquid diet due to my surgery, I knew it had to be mushroom soup. I decided to make a pretty basic one, to really bring out the flavours of the mushrooms.

The very same day I received the mushrooms, I also attended the Canberra Handmade Markets and purchased some smoked garlic from The Original Spice and Smoke Company. This stuff is phenomenal, with such a strong smell and flavour of Manuka wood smoke; it adds a whole other dimension to any dish. They also sell smoked sea salt, also smoked over Manuka, and then combined and roasted with garlic, shallots, coriander, a dash of soy sauce and chilli (I can’t wait to try this on steak when I can eat it again).

*actually from Yass, but they source their produce from around the region and sell to Canberra grocers and at our Farmer’s Markets

Mushroom Soup


Mushrooms – Fran gave me two large freezer bags of medium sized button mushrooms (probably about 8 mushrooms in each) and I used all of them in this recipe – I’d say it was between 600g-700g. Use as much as you think needed, depending on how much soup you’re making and how much mushroom you like. You can use any mushrooms you like.

Garlic (I used The Original Spice and Smoke Company’s smoked garlic, and I put in 5 large cloves – I like it garlicy)

French onions/shallots (I used four, cut roughly)

Olive oil

Bunch of parsley

One lemon

2-3 x cups stock (I used chicken stock, but you can use any)

Cooking cream

Salt (I used smoked sea salt) and Pepper to taste


Coat a frying pan with some olive oil, when hot add onions and garlic.

photo 1

Once the onions and garlic are sweating (clear), add the mushrooms. I usually add a little more oil at this point; I find mushrooms cook better if they have some liquid.

photo 2

Cook mushrooms down, add salt and pepper and then parsley.

photo 4

Once happy that the mushies are cooked, tip the frying pan’s contents in to a blender (I used my Thermomix) – blend.

Once blended, add as much stock as desired (more stock = thinner soup) and blend again. Add lemon juice (I used the juice of a whole lemon, but half will do – I like it lemony).

Add as much cream as you want, depending on how creamy you like your soups. I put about 200ml. Blend.

And there you have it. An ugly, ugly, delicious soup. The smoked flavours of the garlic and the bold flavours of the mushroom make this a moreish winter warmer soup, and really highlight the standard of our local Canberra produce.

photo 5


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