Stomach surgery: puree diet ideas

Below is a list of foods I have been eating while on the puree stage (4 weeks) of the post laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery. I will add to this as time goes on.


Quick oat porridge with almond milk. Add Greek yoghurt after cooking, for extra protein. If you’re not keen on the taste, add some cinnamon and/or honey.

Greek yoghurt and fruit puree.

Smoothie – yoghurt, almond milk, protein powder and fruit




Laughing Cow cheese wedges

Left overs (soup, mash etc)

Homemade Dinners:

Scrambled eggs – these are supposed to be on the “soft” part of the diet, but I mix them with a lot of milk and cheese to make them fluffy and runny. I tolerated them fine from the beginning of the puree stage. I usually do one egg (or the equivalent of one egg white) with milk, cheese and some form of flavouring (garlic salt, hot sauce, Moroccan spice mix etc – you really can use anything)

Chilli Con Carne – packed with protein, and not too bad when blended (unlike most meat). I made a version with Turkey mince.

Mashed vegetables – carrot and sweet potato (with some spice mix and lots of milk) is my personal favourite.

Soups – mushroom, tomato, pumpkin etc etc. A good way to get in vitamins from vegies.

Take-away (for the lazy nights):

Laksa – blend up soup with the tofu and meat, leave out the noodles

Soup – most places, especially Asian restaurants, will have soup in their entrees. Tom Yum is a personal favourite.

KFC potato and gravy – for when you’re really desperate (I think it’s gross)

Snacks (if you can fit them in between all the drinking!):

Baby food/pureed fruit

Protein shakes

Yoghurt icy poles

Homemade icy poles (good way to get your water intake too)

My typical day on puree:

Breakfast: Almond milk porridge with yoghurt

Lunch: Three laughing cow wedges and hummus

Afternoon tea: Protein shake and baby food (fruit)

Dinner: scrambled eggs with milk, cheese and hot sauce

Drinks: Berocca, tea with lemon and honey, decaf coffee


2 thoughts on “Stomach surgery: puree diet ideas

  1. These are great. I agree that KFC mash is gross! Have you tried chia pudding? I think you can even buy it now, in ‘chia pods’. Or rice pudding! yuuuuuum

  2. My first meal after RNY Gastric Bypass was Fat Free Refried Beans with a little cheese and taco sauce mixed in. They were the BEST beans I had ever eaten. LOL.

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