Double Shot

Last weekend a few friends and I went to Double Shot in Deakin for lunch. I’d heard many a good things about Double Shot but had never been there myself, so I happily suggested it for our catch-up venue.

Double Shot is located at the end of Deakin shops – it’s a big space and you can choose out of three different areas to sit. There is a large outdoor area, half under cover and half in the sunshine. The middle space is the main café area, taken up by the counter (hellooooo cakes!) and a slightly crowded café seating arrangement. Inside the building that the café is located in, Double Shot has also expanded in to the foyer/hallway area – so it’s inside, but you feel like you’re on a deck. Each area is tastefully decorated, with cute little touches – it feels trendy without being pretentious.


The clientele of the café was a fantastic mix of old, young, families and groups of friends – it really caters to anyone!

Thankfully we had booked, because we probably would have ended up with only outside tables to choose from – the place was busy (but not crowded) and it was freezing! We were seated in the inside/deck area, with a view through the window in to the main café.

The area was warm and inviting – quiet enough to have a conversation but still has a fun vibe, with music playing over the speakers. Whoever chooses the music has great taste!


Double Shot has a nice, varied menu, and it’s perfect for my vegetarian friend – most of the dishes are either vego, or can be amended to be meat free. They also do all day breakfast, three of my favourite words.

Despite my love for all day breakfasts, I decided on a toastie – at only $9.50, I figured it was the best value for money for my small stomach. I decided on the chicken, cheese, avocado and aioli toastie.


The toastie certainly hit the spot. With a yummy bread, it was small enough for me to eat the insides and just leave the crust – I did get very full, but it was nice to feel as though I hadn’t wasted too much food. The bread was really yummy, and it did taste quite delicious, but I would have preferred more toppings inside. I could barely see any chicken…

My three friends all got the same dish (apparently it sounded too good to be true!) – the Doughnut French Toast. Each of them got a different version – A got bacon and maple syrup, S got the salted caramel and banana compote with cinnamon mascarpone, and M got a hybrid of the two (bacon/maple/banana).

 DS2 DS1

All of them enjoyed their breakfast lunches very much – everyone was pretty damned happy!

I can see why everyone loves Double Shot so much; it’s a great café with a welcoming vibe and delicious food.



One thought on “Double Shot

  1. Came to you via Tara and noticed this review. We’ve been to Double Shot a few time. It’s good, I agree though last time I was in the inside deck area, sitting on the bench near those yellow cushions in your picture. I froze … coldness came through from the door that kept opening. I banked up the cushions to block it a bit but oh dear! I had booked, and I didn’t want to sit inside which is way too noisy, so next time I’ll wait until we can sit outside. BTW This place started way back in the early-mid 80s (maybe the 70s but I don’t think it was that early) by a bunch of women who made the BEST cakes. I have never, ever, forgotten those cakes. It was called Gambit. It did change hands with that name a couple of times at least, but the first one was A-1.

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