Blog Hop: Why I write

Tara from IntheTaratory has dobbed me in invited me to join in a writer’s blog hop about Why I Write? I accepted, because Tara is a friend and I thought it would be a good way to connect with my fellow Canberra Bloggers… but then 10 minutes later I realised how bad I am at talking about myself in this kind of way! There’s a reason I’ve been in the same job for so long – eat me selection criteria!

Apparently “The blog hop is a chance to gain a little insight into the motivations of bloggers and an opportunity for the blogger to reflect when answering the questions.” Ahhh crap.

I’m sorry if this all sounds awkward as balls.

What am I working on?

I never know what I am going to write until I do. One day this week I might go out for dinner, so I’ll blog about it. I decided on Sunday last week that I would start dating, so I blogged about it on Monday.

I’m a very impulsive person – I like to use the word spontaneous, I think it sounds more endearing – so my blog is a pretty good reflection of this part of my personality.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Well first you’d have to define what genre this blog is, and I have no answer for that. My blog is my brain – which is why it’s 80% food related.

I guess one thing I realise about my blog, that I don’t see with others, is that I don’t really write for an audience – I don’t care if no one is reading this because I write mainly for myself. My writing comes out in a stream of consciousness, I guess as if I were talking to the reader across a dinner table. I don’t write “article” style posts, I’ve tried and I suck at it! But if people like to read my babble, then that’s awesome!

I’m also an optimist, so a lot of my posts are favourable to whatever I am recounting – I don’t “critic”, I just tell it like it is. If something happened, I’ll report it, if I didn’t like something then I will say so. I tried doing movie reviews, since I go to the movies so often – but I hated the way I sounded, and as a result I only did one. 

I’m also the queen of over-sharing, so no topic is too weird or gross! I once blogged about poo.

And I swear a lot.

Why do I write?

I have been a social media/internet die hard for years. My first foray in to net-life was in 2001 when I joined a Lord of the Rings message board to express my undying love for Legolas (awww yeah!), and then in 2003 some friends of mine from the forums convinced me to get a Livejournal (my ID was sneaky_monkey)…and I’ve been blogging ever since. 

I find blog writing a great creative outlet, especially when I am blogging about food (cos I get so damned excited!). When I am blogging about more personal stuff, I find it to be a cathartic, therapeutic, exercise. I love Canberra so much and I love to write about our awesomeness and show people how amazing this town is!

I also like to write from my perspective, because I know there are a lot of people out there like me – overweight and single but still social and interested in the world. A lot of blogs I’ve encountered are for crazily healthy and perfectly dressed women who seem like they have lives that take too much effort – so my laziness makes me unique ;o)

I wrote about my gastric sleeve surgery right from the beginning, because I wanted to share this experience with someone else out there who might be reading it and trying to decide whether to do it. I also know that I was scared before my surgery, and I hope showing that it worked for me, and that the recovery wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, will help calm a potential sleever’s mind. 

But the best part of blogging recently has been the lovely people I’ve gotten to know. Despite having Top Nosh for four years, it wasn’t until I started Mouthless Mutters and started actively engaging the Canberra Blogging Community that I got to know this awesome bunch of welcoming and talented people.

So – my turn to pass on the blog hop, and I’ve chose to pass it on to Grant from Ink and Leathers. On top of being a lovely, helpful, and funny gentleman, Grant has a great eye for style – I love the pictures he posts of local graffiti and observations, and his “daily outfit” posts are a bright spark. Grant’s blog is one of the only ones I know of that focuses on Canberra fashion, trends and from a male perspective – and it’s fantastic!


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