Blood Orange Bonanza!

A few weeks back, the lovely Liz from Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things asked a few lucky Canberra food bloggers if we would like to get some blood oranges from her friends at Red Belly Citrus**, and then blog about the recipes we make from them. Honestly, what do you think I said? Obviously I said “Hell yes Liz, I would like some blood oranges!” and then 6.5 kilos worth turn up on my door step a few days later. 6.5 kilos. 6 point 5 kilos. That’s this much.


Heaven, really. I love blood oranges, even more than the more common navel. I love their tanginess and that they’re not overly sweet but not acidic or tart either. And the colour, oh man that colour – it is a thing of beauty! And according to Red Belly: “…this crimson-red pigment so adored in the blood orange comes from the blood oranges unique ability to produce Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins, most commonly found in berries such as the blueberry, flowering plants and red wine (derived from red grapes) are one of the most powerful group of phyto-chemicals known in the plant kingdom. Blood orange Anthocyanins are some of the more potent and health protective.”

So there ya go – blood oranges are just like wine (yes, that’s what I took from that information – what?!). And they’re coming in to season as I type – oh happy days!

So when 6.5 kilos of blood oranges turned up on my doorstep, I got straight to using them (after I ate a bunch). Here are a few recipes I’ve made with these delicious blood oranges, and more recipes will follow over the next few days –


Apart from just straight up eating blood oranges, one of my favourite things to do with them is to add them to sauces, especially sauces for meat. Now that probably sounds strange, but the tanginess of blood orange and citrus taste really complement meat well.

Note: I am a “as you like” cook – the ingredients in these sauce recipes can be used to your liking, as little or as much as you like. J

Blood orange sauce (spicy and savoury)

I used this sauce on chicken drumsticks – but I believe it would also be delicious in a stir fry or with pork belly.


Blood orange





Tamari Soy Sauce





(Note: I actually made two bowls of the sauce, the first of which I marinaded the chicken with before cooking, and the second of which I poured over the chicken half way through cooking)

Step 1. In a bowl, mix the garlic, ginger, chilli, tamari and honey. Add zest of half the blood orange, and all of the juice. Finely chop a few shallots and add to bowl. Stir.

Step 2. Add desired meat to a large bag or marinade dish and cover with the sauce. Leave to marinade as long as desired (minimum 30 minutes).

Step 3. With the oven at 200 degrees celcius (fan forced), line a roasting pan with oil, and add meat. Use the left over marinade to cover meat.

Step 4. After 20 minutes, turn meat and use pan juices to cover with marinade.

Step 5. 10 minutes after turning (30 mins all up) add extra marinade (if desired)

Step 6. Cook for a further 15 minutes (45 mins all up)

I served mine up with Jasmine rice, with the left over marinade from the pan on top of the rice.  I also sprinkled roughly chopped coriander over the top.


Blood orange sauce (sweet and savoury)

I used this sauce on chicken thighs, but I think it would be really nice on duck. It’s quite a sweet sauce and goes well with gamey meats too. I think it would also go really nicely with some thinly sliced rare Kangaroo meat.


Blood orange juice (1 orange)

Balsamic Vinegar




Marinate meat in the sauce for as long as you can (more than 30 minutes) and then chuck it in a pan. I served with rice and a salad (no picture, it wasn’t very photogenic. Tasty, but ugly)

Blood Orange sauce (sweet)

This sauce is awesome on ice cream, or on greek yoghurt, and it’s easy to make! I made this up while I was making dinner, and then popped it in the oven while we ate.


2 x Blood oranges

400-500g Raspberries

Vanillin sugar


Step 1. Use a baking dish with a lid – add your desired amount of raspberries to the bottom of the dish (I used about 500g of frozen raspberries).

Step 2. Finely zest 1 large blood orange in to the raspberries.

Step 3. Juice 1 and a half blood oranges and add the juice to the raspberries.

Step 4. Add your desired amount of vanillin sugar – some people like it sweeter than others

Step 5. Mix it all about (you do the hokey pokey).

Step 6. Stick it in an oven at around 160 degrees celsius (fan forced) to become a warm gooey infused mess.

Step 7. Take out of the oven when you’re happy with the texture/taste. You can use a stick blender to make it smooth, but I quite like the lumpy bits 🙂



**With grass root set up in the 1950’s, Redbelly Citrus is made up of third-generation farmers, brothers Anthony and Leonard Mancini and their cousin Vito Mancini. Redbelly Citrus is the only producer in Australia dedicated to the production and supply of the blood oranges, including new varieties not previously marketed in Australia. They have 32,000 trees over two orchids in the fertile Murrumbidgee area of the Riverina. Red Belly is currently selling their blood oranges at Freddy Frapple in Weston Creek. Go get some!



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