August 2014 Films

Remember when I said I was going to start doing movie reviews? Hahaha, turns out I’m really bad at it. And ranty. So ranty. My reviews ended up being 2,000 words of pure rambling. I won’t subject you to that…

I still want to show my love for film in some way – so I’ve decided that, instead of one huge post per film I see, I will instead write a summary about the films I saw through the month with a 100 word maximum.

Brendan Gleeson in Calvary - Reprisal Films, Octagon Films and Protagonist Pictures.
Brendan Gleeson in Calvary – Reprisal Films, Octagon Films and Protagonist Pictures.


The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared — Quirky and fun film from Sweden about an old man who climbs out the window and disappears. Go figure. The film examines the old man’s past – which flows through world history – and his current escape for freedom.

Begin Again —Music. New York. Mark Ruffalo. What’s not to love, really? This film is inspiring in its love for music and affection for its main characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy — ridiculously entertaining film, based on a comic series I’ve read (and loved) for quite some time. The storyline is nothing ground breaking, but it’s just so damned fun. Popcorn movie making at its finest!

Calvary — the darkly humorous and ultimately engaging story of a priest who is told during confession that he will be killed in one week purely because he is a good priest. Brendan Gleeson is amazing, as always, as the Irish small town priest who struggles with his faith, and his somewhat unforgiving parish. This film sucked me in, and I was genuinely shocked by the ending.



August was a good month for movies!


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