September Films

Sarah Snook in Predestination - Black Lab Entertainment and Wolfhound Pictures.
Sarah Snook in Predestination – Black Lab Entertainment and Wolfhound Pictures.


Predestination — awesomely scripted Australian film (despite being set in the US, it was filmed in Melbourne – look out for half the cast of neighbours) about time travel. The film has fantastic performances from Ethan Hawke (my lifelong Ethan Hawke crush continues) and Sarah Snook – give Sarah all of the awards, she is out of this world good!!! The film has an intriguing premise that will keep you guessing.

The Skeleton Twins – don’t go in to this looking for a comedy. Despite its lead actors being Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader – both SNL alums – this film is dark. Even though they’ve spent 10 years apart, both title characters are suicidal and depressed, severely messed up and slightly unlikable. And yet, I thought it was quite an engaging film, developed with passion and sensitivity. It’s a complex look at how these two siblings’ lives have gone so wrong.


Felony — well scripted, well-acted Australian crime drama that just didn’t quite grab me. The plot was interesting, but a couple of moments seemed out of place, and forced, and threw the whole flow off for me. Joel Edgerton’s main character was pretty unlikeable, so I didn’t really feel any emotional connection to his plight. Still, it’s a great opportunity to support Australian cinema and there’s a lot of talent on both sides of the camera.

Magic in the Moonlight — oh Woody! Another “old man, young woman” tale; I’ve come to expect nothing less. Just like I’ve come to expect boring subject matter with well written dialogue, and half of the characters being extremely likeable and the other half being loathsome (usually the old man character). This film is a typical Woody Allen film, in those respects. Sadly, I haven’t loved any of his films since Midnight in Paris (which I adore, mind you).

Boyhood — a beautiful idea, well executed, but ultimately this film has no real storyline. Boyhood follows one boy through stages of his life for 12 years and by the end I was extremely attached to all of the characters, but felt that there was no particular point to the film. Or maybe that is the point of the film.


The Giver — a good idea, a great cast, but a boring film. I felt like I was watching Divergent all over again. I quite liked Divergent, mind you…this is just exactly the same and not original at all. Even two of my favourite actors, Meryl Steep and Jeff Bridges, couldn’t hold my attention.

Sin City 2 – I forgot how sexist Sin City was. This movie certainly reminded me. Also the storylines were boring and unoriginal – this coming from someone who loved the comic series. Stylish direction, but a hollow story.


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