Stomach Surgery: What I eat now

A lot of people ask me what I eat, now that I have a smaller stomach. Here is a “day in the life of my new stomach” for an idea of how I’m eating now.


I have pretty good routines during the week, being at work and bringing my food in a lunchbox with me has helped a lot.


Breakfast: 80g Greek Style Light Yogurt (I get the four pack, and halve one of the tubs – so the four pack becomes an eight pack for me) with a teaspoon of chia seeds and some berries OR one protein shake. I drink Musashi pre-made poppers, 250 calories and 30g protein.

Morning tea: Usually just a cup of tea or coffee – I don’t get hungry in the morning.

Lunch: one salada (four cracker squares) with mustard, ham, cheese and avocado OR cut up pieces of chicken (usually thigh or breast, flavoured with spices) and salad OR a hard boiled egg (mixed up with spices) and salad.



Afternoon tea: 3 pieces of Laughing cow light cheese and some almonds.

Dinner (at home): a small piece of meat (eg: half a chicken thigh, one small pork loin, one small sausage) and salad/vegies OR leftovers from the freezer.

Guess which one is mine...
Guess which one is mine…

Extra snacks if needed: air popped popcorn (13g pack), flavoured nut mixes, small packet of ‘Peckish’ rice crackers. I also take a lot of vitamins…


I won’t lie and say I am perfect with my afternoon snacks – sometimes I hit up the chips/chocolate that some awful person has put in our work kitchen – but I am certainly much better than I was before the surgery. I occasionally get a diet coke from the café, or the odd hot chocolate, but my instances of going outside my routine have reduced from every day to once or twice a week.

I’m also not great after dinner. If I am at home, watching TV or writing, I want junk food in the evenings – this is a habit I am slowly breaking, but I go through stages. When I first returned to solid foods, I ate a lot of chocolate in the evenings. I would get a block of chocolate and eat it in four nights. Now, previously I would have eaten it in one sitting, so it’s not as bad as it used to be – but it’s still something I shouldn’t have been doing. Thankfully that phase passed and now I am trying to drink tea or eat some laughing cow cheese in the evenings to keep the routine of having something, but making it something better. I’m not going to lie, there’s still the occasional night where I will eat some corn chips or Twisties or something snacky, but thanks to my surgery I can’t eat too much of them!


On the weekend, all routine goes out the window. I go out and do things, festivals, movies, shopping etc. I tend not to do morning/afternoon tea on the weekends as I am usually out and about. I’ve had weekends where it’s gotten to 2pm and I realise I haven’t eaten anything all day! I keep protein bars in my handbag for moments like that, because I’ll need to eat something quickly before my energy/sugar levels drop too low.

Breakfast: one egg with parmesan cheese, basil and chilli flakes – scrambled – OR one egg fried and one piece of bacon.

Lunch: usually eaten while out and about, can be anything from a bakery pie (can only eat half) to a Kebab (I get the baby kebabs and only eat the meat out of the middle usually). If I am at home, I will try to do meat/vege but sometimes it’s a vegemite sandwich (can’t fit in the crust) – all depends on my mood/laziness.

Dinner: I usually go out for dinner on Saturday nights. Depending on the menu, I’ll choose a meat based dish, normally entrée size, and share. If I get a main, I’ll usually share it or just waste the food at the expense of getting what I want. Sometimes I’ll get my friend to order a two/three courses, and just eat bits off theirs and then split the bill – that’s my favourite way to do it, because then I get to try a few things. I go to a lot of Asian restaurants, because I find them easy to “take-away” and then divvy up in to meal-sized portions when I get home. A curry will last me three to four meals, and I’ll usually freeze them to have for dinners at a later stage.

Sunday nights are usually leftovers or lazy dinners – sometimes I’ll get some cheese and meat (bresaola, prosciutto, twiggy sticks) from the supermarket and eat that in front of the tellie.


I do tend to snack on weekends, habitually if I go to the movies or if I am sitting down for a marathon viewing of TV shows. If I’m organised I’ll take a protein bar to the movies with me, but that doesn’t always happen and I usually get something at the cinema on a whim. Popcorn is my favourite food, but I’ve had to become strict with my intake – carbs go straight through me, so I can actually still eat a decent amount of chips and popcorn. If I decide to get popcorn, I make sure I only get the small, so I’m not tempted to keep eating.

So there ya go. Certainly not perfect, but 6 months out from surgery (and 27kgs down) I am much better than I was with food, and improving every day.


4 thoughts on “Stomach Surgery: What I eat now

  1. I would love to ask you some questions regarding the surgery if possible? It was recommended to me by my dr, I’ve seen the bariatric team but have not proceeded further at this stage.

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