2014 – a year for eating all the things (until I lost 90% of my stomach)

As the end of 2014 draws near, I’m relecting on my favourite meals for the year – or at least my most memorable ones (honestly, give me a bowl of vegetable dumplings from Dickson Dumpling house and I’m happy as Larry!).

1.       The Boathouse

A nine course degustation of deliciousness. Everything about this evening in May was suburb – the company, the food, the wine, the service, the fireplace and most certainly the view. I was so enamoured by my evening that I took my blogger hat off and forgot to take photos and notes, so I actually don’t have a post about it! It was my “last meal” before my stomach surgery, and I’m so so glad I ended my life of degustations with this wonderful dinner. Tara wrote about our evening here, and so did Rachi here.

2.       Old Parliament House – Chef’s Table

A special dining occasion saw a few of us lucky bloggers being led in to the kitchens of Old Parliament House for a degustation menu that was innovative and a joy to watch. I didn’t write a review on this one (no idea why) – but both Tara and Rachi did (it’s good to go out with Blogger friends!!).

3.       Morks

It’s no secret that Morks is my favourite restaurant in Canberra. I visited Morks about 7 times this year, and each occasion was filled with amazingly creative food and friendly service.

4.       The Artisan

My first time dining at The Artisan was in April, with a foodie friend. We ate a three course meal of pure decadence and floated home with happy tummies.

5.       Pod Food

The new addition to the Pod Food repertoire, their four course breakfast degustation, was definitely a highlight of 2014. I can’t think of anywhere else that does breakfast like this – inventive and interesting dishes served with finesse and flavour.

6.       Grazing

I spent a lovely Sunday lunchtime with some good friends at this charming restaurant in Gundaroo. The trek out made this a special occasion, and the food did not disappoint – Grazing has it all, delicious home cooking using fresh (out of the garden) ingredients and a wonderful setting.

7.       86

I went to 86 in September having previous gone last year (when I disliked it). This visit saw me do a total 180 in my views on the Braddon eatery – it’s fresh and funky, and thankfully has its previous pretentiousness. The food is well made and the atmosphere is electric.

8.       Common Grounds

Common Grounds only opened late last year and it’s become a great breakfast go-to close to my home in Tuggeranong. Their ‘Conquistador’ dish is everything I love about breakfast – all served up in a relaxed trendy atmosphere.

9.       Monster Bar and Grill

I’ve added my two dinners at Monster to this list purely for the food. The food at Monster is awesome, comfort food with an worldwide twist – the service and layout, however, are strange and not appealing. But I still dream about their Labneh and sourdough.

10.   Soju Girl

My meal at Soju Girl is memorable for a few different reasons. Firstly because we went on two-for-one Tuesday and ordered every single thing on the menu, and secondly because the food was pretty fantastic! Lots of little plates of tasty Asian inspired fun.


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