Happy Birthday to Meeee

Oh, hey. Mouthless Mutters turned one year old yesterday.
Although I’d been blogging about Canberra dining for about four years at my old blog, Top Nosh, it wasn’t until my New Year’s resolution of 2014 that Mouthless Mutters was born. My resolution was to blog about a wider range of topics, to not confine myself to just blogging about food – Mouthless Mutters was created to set blogger brain free.

It has been quite a year for this little blog: over thirty posts on the Canberra food scene; nine recipes (for someone who doesn’t cook, this is a big achievement); rants about dating and Tinder; posting about my entire Gastric Sleeve surgery and the history of my weight issues; more rants about many other things; and of course there’s all the posts I never got around to posting (and the ones I deleted because they were too mean/bitchy/bitter)!

I honestly believe the writing I’ve done over the last year has not only been a form of therapy to me, it has inspired me to seek out further writing challenges – like applying for my Screenwriting diploma.
In the future I’m hoping to finally decide on a proper theme and not just change the background colours and layout every month because I am a fickle mistress. I want to continue to broaden the topics of my posts, but will still be writing about my passions – aka food. I am hoping to develop my skills in writing about film; I have no trouble watching films and talking about them, but I find it difficult to put my film related thoughts down in words.

This is my 101st blog post – so that’s a nice way to kick off the second year of Mouthless Mutters. Thank you to all my followers, your kind words and comments are always a welcome addition to my rambles (and overshares). Also, thank you to my fellow bloggers for accepting me in to the Canberra blogging community with open arms – it’s been a pleasure to get to know you (and in some cases become friends with you). I’m happy I made the step to get out of my Top Nosh bubble and in to the bigger blogging world.


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