Stomach Surgery: Six Month Blood Test

I’ve been meaning to post about this for months, but I must admit to time getting away from me so far during 2015 – a new job and study have meant that I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like.
In mid-December, to “celebrate” the 6 month anniversary of my surgery, I got a blood test done by my Doctor. I didn’t go back to see her to get the results until January, but I’m so happy to report that I’m doing really well.
Apart from my B12 (which is now a little bit low due to my reduction of meat intake) and my Liver (which was really, really high to begin with), all of my levels are now back to where they should be. I also no longer have diabetes. It’s amazing, really, what a loss of 30 kilos can do towards making you healthier.
I have to take B complex vitamins, and go back for another test in April to see whether it’s improved – but I’m so close to the “normal” range that my doctor says that I should be okay with just the supplement (no injections – phew!).
On the weight loss front, I must admit to falling in to bad habits (snacking etc) around Christmas and I haven’t really gotten out of them – yet. I went overseas recently and used that as my “when I get back from Singapore I’ll start eating better”…and I have. Well, I’ve been better. My weight loss has stalled at the 30 kilo mark and I’m determined to lose another 5 before my one year anniversary in May. I need to be better. I will be better. Hopefully.

But I recently did my measurements and that’s giving me a lot of inspiration to keep going! I’ve lost 10 inches (that’s 25.4 cm) off my bust, 6 inches (15.24cm) off my waist and 7 (17.78 cm) from my hips! Wowzer! I’ve been telling my friends that I haven’t lost as much around my middle, and I was right – but I have still lost a decent amount!


3 thoughts on “Stomach Surgery: Six Month Blood Test

  1. I am 7 days into my Optifast preop diet, with my surgery scheduled in Wednesday 25 March with Dr Mosse. I’m happy to report I haven’t cheated once and have lost 5kgs. Thank you for this blog, it has really helped.

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