Well, well, well!

It’s been aaaages since my last post – my apologies to my three loyal followers.

A lot has happened in the last three months! A busy little bee, I have been!

I started a new job on 05 January, doing coordination for our Branch. Being the only person responsible for 80 odd staff meant that my flex sky rocketed and so did my stress levels. It was a full on job for not much outcome, sadly. I enjoyed the relationships I formed with my stakeholders and I like being busy (which I was certainly not in my last job) – but I felt a bit unfulfilled. I applied for, and was offered a job assisting in the coordination of the department’s annual report, but my manager refused to let me leave. I was pretty upset about that, because I really wanted the job and most importantly, the change of scenery and networking opportunities. It turns out that my manager had other ideas for me.

Last week I started a new job editing an Annual Report for one of the programmes my branch is responsible for to be table in parliament later this year. It’s only a 21 page document – the department’s annual report is 384 pages (ie slightly more challenging). While I am enjoying the writing and the editing, I did it in a short amount of time and now I just sit and wait for other people to review/edit and while I wait I’m picking up menial tasks. But I guess that does give me some down time to write a blog post – something I haven’t had time to do in a long while!

I started school mid-March and it has been pretty full on. I’m doing an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (the AFTRS) – the national film school of Australia. It’s so cool to say that I’m going to the same school that produced the likes of Jane Campion and Gillian Armstrong – two of my heroes!

The work started from day dot, with weekly readings and exercises for two subjects – we dove in head first and there was lots to do for about 10 weeks, and not much free time! Then after week 10 it was all about our assignments, including the really fun ‘genre switch’ presentation, were I made the Big Chill a science fiction (as you do).

The study has been challenging, and with a busy day time job it became a little bit crazy there for a while – I didn’t see a lot of my friends for a long time. But the only thing keeping me sane is that I really, really enjoy the work while I am doing it. I get to write scripts, and talk to fellow film lovers about nerdy stuff and it’s fantastic fun.

I went to Japan! A friend and I went to Japan for two weeks in May, and it was awesome. What an interesting place! Everything was so cool and clean, and the people were so friendly and polite (and well dressed!). The food was delicious and the culture was fascinating; skyscrapers next to 800 year old Shinto temples. Highlights included Osaka (it’s like Blade Runner!), Hiroshima (really beautiful and peaceful place) the Kabuki Theatre, the craziness of Shibuya and Shinjuku, the shopping, and Tokyo Disneyland. I can’t wait to go back.

Last Tuesday was also the one year anniversary of my gastric sleeve surgery. I’m still on 30 kilos lost, haven’t actually lost any weight this year, which is frustrating – I haven’t lost weight, but I’m happy that I’ve managed to maintained weight. I’ve been very busy and stressed and haven’t had time to do any exercise. I am about to move in to my own place and I have plans to be more organised, and will have the space to do some exercise at home, something I’ve not really been able to do before. I am aiming to lose another 10 kilos by the end of the year, which I think it quite a reasonable goal.

So there ya go. My life while I was away from blogging! I am on a short break from school, so I am hoping to write about the few food places I was actually able to get to!


5 thoughts on “Well, well, well!

    1. Yep! Has been a crazy couple of months. But I feel good – it’s all exciting stuff. Hope you had a good long weekend, your walk looked beautiful!

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