Friends and I went to Akiba on Friday night for a farewell shindig of both dinner and drinks.

I’ve been to Akiba once before and thought it was pretty cool, this time was no different. The city restaurant/bar has a really cool, trendy, electric environment with great staff who will keep you smiling whilst being extremely helpful – they’re in it to foster a great night, for both staff and customer alike. And yeah, Akiba has really tasty food. I like their blend of Asian foods, a bit of Korean mixed with some Japanese and a smattering of South East Asian too. Lots of small bites to try a few different things, and a good range of “share plates”. Their share plates aren’t huge – so get a few (probably one per person).

Akiba always has a great vibe and there’s always a lot of people (and subsequent noise) around – so I recommend booking!

IMG_6145 IMG_6146IMG_7685 IMG_7682 IMG_7680 IMG_7679


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