Olive at Mawson

I’ve known about Olive at Mawson for quite some time but Thursday night I had the pleasure of eating there for the first time.

Two girlfriends and I turned up on a freezing cold night and were welcomed in to the warm and comfortable restaurant with a smile. The space is large and open, yet somehow intimate – it’s laidback but still date material.

We decided on an assortment of meze type dishes, as none of us was overly hungry. I also love meze type food; lots of little bits. We ordered meat balls, bruschetta focaccia, Saganaki (fried cheese), fried olives and bread with olive oil.

All the food was really tasty and well prepared. I especially loved how tender the meat balls were and how squishy the saganaki was.

For dessert we tried their special, a flourless orange cake, and the crème brulee – both of which were delicious.

The service at Olive was fantastic, really friendly and helpful. Our waiter was concerned we hadn’t ordered enough food – like, genuinely concerned – but we had more the enough to fill us. I actually ate so much I got sick, but I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want to stop. I’m looking at you, saganaki…

IMG_7673 IMG_7672 IMG_7671 IMG_7670



5 thoughts on “Olive at Mawson

  1. This is technically classified as a ‘local’ restaurant for me.
    Seriously, for a foodie I am no good at actually dining out. LOL!
    Shame you got sick from eating too much, but super you were still able to say good things about it.
    Adding to my ever growing list. 🙂

    1. Haha! It was the good kind of sick though. 😝

      You should check it out! I’m resolved to venture in to the suburbs more this year; I seem to stick to the City, Kingston, Manuka etc! Want to try stuff more local to me (which is now Weston/Woden area).

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