The Dock

Last night a friend from Adelaide was in town so we decided to go out for dinner to catch up. J used to live in Canberra and I wanted to take her somewhere that’d changed in the two years since she’d left; so we headed to Kingston Foreshore. As it was a Monday night, only a few places were open including Walt & Burley, C Dine Bar, Chong & Co and Coco Nine. We did a walk of the promenade and settled on The Dock.

Located at the further end of the line of restaurants (depending on which entrance you use), The Dock is a laidback sport bar come trendy nautical themed bar. It’s concrete and big, with a decent amount of open space for standing/drinking, but it was still warm and welcoming.

After perusing the menus located to the side of the bar, we ordered our dinner at the bar and grabbed a drink while we were at it. I saw a lady have a go at the poor guy behind the bar because her and her friend had been sat at their table waiting for table service for about 10 minutes – but this is not that kind of place. The Dock is a bar. At bars you order at the counter. She is an idiot.

We were given a table number and took a seat at one of the empty tables – for a Monday night the place was busy without being packed (we could still hear each other speak, which is a helpful thing). We didn’t have to wait long before our meals came out.

I ordered the garlic cheese bread and the chicken wings (cider-pineapple buffalo sauce w blue cheese dressing).


The chicken wings were messy with sauce and freakin delicious! They were sweet with a slight tang, and well cooked. I really enjoyed these and would most definitely order them again.

The garlic cheese bread was thin, cheesy and moreish; a great starter (or meal, if you’re me).


J ordered the pulled pork sliders (pulled pork & vegetable slaw, sourdough, cheddar cheese, ranch bbq sauce served w beer battered chips).


I didn’t try these, as I was already more than full from eating two chicken wings and two pieces of bread (oh the gastric sleever life!). But J seemed to enjoy them and they certainly look tasty!

I quite enjoyed our night at The Dock. It was no frills, the service was polite and friendly, the vibe and atmosphere were laidback and the food was quick, hot and yummo – can’t ask for much more for a quick catch up on a Monday night!


3 thoughts on “The Dock

  1. Love the look of the sliders! Mmmm.
    Hearing consistently great things about CDine. Went there when they just opened for drinks and it seemed like it was going to be a cracker, only thing was when it was full, we couldnt really have a conversation without yelling.
    Does your gastric tie thingy cause problems when eating certain foods?

    1. Love a slider! (although I was too full to attempt these :))

      I haven’t tried CDine, I think I thought it was a seafood restaurant – for some reason – and I sometimes love seafood (squid, scallops, raw fish) and sometimes I don’t (everything else). Then I read a few reviews that showed me it wasn’t only seafood… I just haven’t got there!

      And I’ve been pretty lucky with my tummy, I can eat pretty much anything! I need to watch things like chia seeds, that expand in your stomach (so I think I’ve only eaten a teaspoon, but once it expands in your stomach it’s about 5 teaspoons).

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