Lazy May’s

You guys, Lazy May’s is finally open!

The “café coming soon” sign in the window of the vacant space across from the Louisa Lawson Building and the Southern Cross Club in Tuggeranong has been taunting me for what feels like forever (but is closer to about six months) and this morning it was replaced by a working café! Yaay!


Lazy May’s is located in the bottom of the Emphora Apartments Building on Cowlishaw Street and is a large open, bright space that serves up coffee and food from 7am. There’s a lot of little details that blend in to make the space look quite simple – but if you look closely you can see the little details, like the wooden boards on the roof, the really cool lights, the really comfy looking couches and the clean lines of the wooden bar.


I went this morning, opening day, with a friend to have breakfast but unfortunately due to some first day delivery issues they were just serving pastries and coffees. Breakfast will start tomorrow and if the menu is any indication it’s going to be awesome!


We ordered coffees – but alas they don’t have decaf yet, so I ended up with a chai. The host/owner/dude assured me tomorrow they’ll have the best decaf I’ve ever tasted and I will definitely take him up on that! The chai was really yummy and smooth though, so I could deal without my coffee-like drink for one day.

I asked the host/owner/dude about their coffee which is from Sydney (Homebush), and he said it was being made for them, with the branding “Colonial Boy”, by a group called Di Stefano.


My friend loved her flat white – mid morning she messaged me and said she was still thinking about it. A good sign indeed.

I’m really excited to have something trendy and close in Tuggeranong, it’s needed. I really hope they do well, it’s an interesting space and the menu looks fantastic. Spread the word!!


I took a few sneaky pictures of the current menu too – provided sideways until my computer works itself out (sorry!) and it looks awesome (but as always, subject to change). I’ve already booked in a lunch and a breakfast with friends this week to try it out (I’ll report back!).

IMG_8023 IMG_8026 IMG_8025 IMG_8024

IMG_8020EDIT – I went back!


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