Lazy May’s (again)

I swore I’d be back to Lazy May’s and I did go back. Twice. Twice in one day. This morning I ate breakfast and then lunch at the new Tuggeranong eatery. Sadly there still wasn’t many patrons on either occasion – word of mouth is slow in these parts – and we only had one or two other patrons in the space at the same time as us. The sun shone through the big windows and warmed the bright open space up nicely. This morning we watched the tellie and over lunch they pumped some tunes through the overhead stereo. It’s a nice welcoming environment, and I can’t wait til people start checking it out and add to the atmosphere. On both occasions we were welcomed by the nice staff and after we took our seats, menus were bought over. It was a tough decision for both breakfast and lunch, because everything looks pretty awesome! For breakfast I ordered the ‘Smashed Eggs on Toast’ – 75C sous vide eggs served with avocado smash and wilted spinach salad on crispy rye bread. IMG_8039 This was a well cooked, nice dish. The egg came ‘pre-smashed’ so the yolk was perfectly runny over the yummy avocado. The rocket was a yummy touch, and added some extra flavour to the dish. Unfortunately I felt like there was something missing, perhaps some feta cheese – just to break up the egg/avo taste. The bread wasn’t overly crispy either, but it certainly wasn’t soggy.  My friend ordered the Classic Breakfast Burger – Crispy bacon, sunny side fried eggs, brie cheese and homemade tomato relish on a toasted brioche roll. IMG_8036 This burger is a decent size and all the ingredients looked delicious – the mushroom in particular was giving me serious food envy. My friend said she liked the homemade tomato relish, but that there was too much – easily fixed by some scraping. There was no salt or pepper on the table and we had to ask for it, then we were supplied what seemed to be the only shakers in the restaurant. Weird. I’m hoping it’s just a “newly opened” thing, because how annoying for their staff to have to get the salt and pepper shaker for every customer whenever they need seasoning. Breakfast was filling and a really good price – I’ll definitely be back for brekkie! I have my eye on their brioche sweet French sliders!) For my return visit, a mere three hours later, I ordered the ‘Slow cooked pressed pork belly’ – 16 hour cooked suckling pork belly, pressed with popping pork skin crackle, served with sprouting broccoli and roasted pumpkin and pear atop a honey, orange and fig jam. IMG_8041 The pork was really tasty and the vegies were nice and fresh, but wintery and comforting at the same time. The crackling wasn’t crispy, but it had good flavour and I woofed it down happily. The pear and jam were really yummy hits of sweetness and I enjoyed them both. This dish is yum! My friend ordered the ‘Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken’ – Southern style spiced crispy butterfried chicken breast served with beer battered chips, house garden salad and buttermilk ranch sauce. IMG_8042 Both my friend and I were expecting pieces of chicken, rather than a schnitzel like cut – but who cares when it tastes so yummy! The outside was crispy and the chicken juicy, and the ranch dressing was creamy and moreish. It’s like the public servant ‘schnitty lunch’, but trendier. I’m really liking having Lazy May’s across the road from work, and I think there’s a lot of potential for it to be a great Tuggeranong locale. It’s still only day three and they’re doing pretty well – the staff are lovely, the atmosphere is welcoming and the food has been good. Now people just need to start visiting! Support your local, people!


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