Blood Orange time!

Blood Orange time!

Oh yes, it’s my favourite time of year. Citrus time! Or more importantly, blood orange season. Last year I took place in a recipe competition (that wasn’t really a competition) held by the lovely people at Red Belly Citrus and this year I was lucky enough to score some more blood orange bounty from them again. Red Belly Citrus is located in the Riverina on the Murrumbidgee, their land has 32,000 citrus trees, which sounds like heaven to me! I really love their produce, so I am happy to try out some new recipes and have a play with my old recipes, to help spread the word about the amazingness of Australian grown blood orange.

… so look out for a bunch of blood orange recipes to come!

First up, these suuuuper easy and suuuuper tasty canapes that I made for a Tupperware party over the weekend.


 Just slice some cucumbers, top with a cream cheese/dill combination (can also add horseradish to this mixture for a bit of extra oomf), then pop a small shred of smoked salmon on top and a tiny slice of blood orange – hold it all together with a tooth pick. Boom! Amazing!



One thought on “Blood Orange time!

  1. These are perfect! When I was doing my chef apprenticeship a bazillion years ago, we used to serve similar canapés, they were always the most popular. Good to see you enjoying your blood oranges, I shall use my Sumo Oranges in place of the orange. Yummy!

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