Molto Italian

Molto Italian opened about two weeks ago in the new section of Kingston Foreshore. It is a new venture by much loved Canberran, Carlo Tosolini – and if you don’t recognise that last name then I don’t really know what to tell you… except that you’re probably not Canberra or don’t like Italian food.

We hit up the new eatery on a busy Friday night, and I was greeted with a kiss on the cheek by one of the waiters and I’m still not sure if he thought I was someone else, or he’s just Italian – all the waiters are Italian. The place was buzzing, and it was only 6:30; not a single table was free and the waiters were kept busy with drink orders and plates of delicious smelling food whizzing past.

After the friendly welcome we were informed by Carlo himself that our table wasn’t ready, thanks to a group that wouldn’t leave, so they sat us up at the bar and we ordered some cocktails from the delicious, but not extensive, cocktail list. I had the Blood Sgroppino and my friend ordered the White Peach Foam Bellini. I was drunk off the one cocktail, so was extremely happy watching the cute bartenders do their thing.


Eventually we were sat at our table outside, with a lovely view of the foreshore and the scaffolded building on their way up. Perfect spot for people watching the crowds as they wander Canberra’s trendiest new spot.

The menu is very Italian, with classics and provincial favourites, and a weekday special. I must admit I had to google a couple of the ingredients as they’re listed in their Italian names.

We ordered the garlic flat bread and burrata to start, and happily dipped the warm crusty bread in the creamy cheese. Our waiter looked at us a bit like we were crazy when we stated that our intent was to eat the two together, but it worked and was delicious so we didn’t care.


For mains, I ordered the beef carpaccio (which is actually an entrée) and my friend ordered the House Made Ravioli with spinach and buffalo milk ricotta in burnt butter and sage. Both were delightful, fresh and well prepared.


We had promised Carlo that we’d have the table back for him by 8pm, and the growing line at the front door pressured us in to leaving before we could order dessert – but the dessert menu looks heavenly and I’ll definitely be back to try.

I quite enjoyed our visit to Molto, although a little rushed, I still enjoyed the busy atmosphere and the simple but elegant food. The service was polite and sweet (and hey, it’s not every day you get a kiss from your waiter!) and the location was perfect for a warm summer evening.




9 thoughts on “Molto Italian

  1. Kisses on arrival… now that is some seriously friendly service. Were you greeted like that when you went again? Shame you didnt get to stay for desserts, but good the gentle nudge out the door didnt deter a return visit.

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