Food & Restaurant Reviews

As a foodie I like to try different restaurants and food establishments around my home town of Canberra. I have been blogging about my food endeavours for four and a half years now, so there’s quite a few reviews floating around this blog – I’ve compiled a list of my food experiences in alphabetical order:

5 Senses :

86 :

Adore Tea – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party :

The Artisan :

Asian Noodle House :

Beach Burrito Company :

Bodega de Pintxos :

Brodburger :

BrodDogs :

Common Grounds :

Conservatory Restaurant – the Arboretum :

Cupping Room, The :

Cream :

Dickson Dumpling House :

Digress :

Dobinsons :

Double Shot :

Elk & Pea :

Flint in the Vines :

Grazing :

Griffith Vietnamese :

Gus’ :

Halal Pide House :

Jamie’s Italian (visit #1) :

Jamie’s Italian (visit #2) :

Lerida Estate :

Little Brooklyn :

Little Istanbul :

London Burger :

Mama’s Trattoria :

Maple + Clove :

Me & Mrs Jones :

Molto Italian :

Monster :

Morks :

Pappa Rich :

Peppercress :

Pod Food :

Pod Food (Breakfast degustation) :

Pulp Kitchen :

Ricardo’s :

Schnitzel Haus :

Shorty’s :

Silo Bakery :

Smoque :

Soju Girl :

Street of Asia :

Tilley’s :

Urban Food :

Urban Pantry :

Wood & Coal :

Zierholz :


One thought on “Food & Restaurant Reviews

  1. Shanghai Dumpling King Erindale.
    I took the family there last night and I must say I was very disappointed in the place. Everything seemed to be water logged. Usually boiled rice once cooked is moist but not drenched. Here it was. The boiled rice had no taste. A pandanas leaf in the cooking process may help. The dumplings – tasteless mushed up meat and vegetables beefed out with the left over rice from the night before.

    It may have even helped a bit if the water they used to steam the dumplings had been flavoured with some spices or something to give it some taste at least. The $70 spent there was a complete waste.

    So unless you have absolutely no taste buds or you are just a lover of bland baby food type food DON’T GO THERE !!

    Rating: 6 thumbs down.

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