Weight loss & surgery

I’ve been blogging about my stomach surgery – laparoscopic gastric sleeve – and have found that readers have responded positivly to finding out about the surgery from a first hand (and TMI) view. I want to share this experience for anyone who is curious, but mainly for anyone who is considering getting it done – I hope this will show you that you can do it too, and it will be worth it.

I also post pictures of my smaller meal portions on Instagram – follow me @sleever_eats

Here are the posts:

A bit of background about my weight loss history :

The beginning of my surgery journey, speaking to my Doctor :

The first step in booking my surgery was an information night :

Meeting the surgeon :

Why I chose the Gastric Sleeve (over the band and bypass) :

Seeing the dietician :

Optifast week one :

Consent to the surgeon and a freak out :

The surgery and hospital stay :

Week one/two (fluids) :

Transition from liquid to puree :

Puree diet ideas :

Frequently Asked Questions (as at week 3) :

Frequently Asked Questions (as at week 8) :

Changes and observations :

What I eat now :

Six month anniversary :

Six month blood test :

The Side Effects


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